2016-11-22 NT Legislative Assembly, Hansard:

Chief Minister: Japan and China respectively are the NT’s 1st and 2nd largest trading partners. In 2014-15 the 2-way trade relationship with Japan was worth $4.1 billion. With China it was worth $2.2 billion. Korea is in the Territory’s top 10 trading partners, with 2-way trade worth $302 million, a figure that has more than doubled over the past 10 years…
Darwin is a critical emerging hub in the multimillion dollar oil and gas service and supply industry. I am determined to leverage for good effect the $110m investment that has been made in the Darwin Marine Supply Base so their companies think of Darwin first when it comes to resupply logistics and maintenance support.
In 2014-15 the Darwin port was the busiest live export port in the world, and the demand is growing. The burgeoning Asian middle class wants Australia’s clean and green beef, both boxed and live…
Minister for Primary Industries: Cattle production is the largest primary industry sector in the Territory, contributing $360m annually to the Territory economy. With add-ons such as road transport, loading and handling, it is estimated that this is a $1bn industry.

2016-11-21 Financial Review: Americans see 'huge potential' in the NT

US companies are eyeing new business opportunities in the Northern Territory, including the possibility of introducing driverless trucks and automated abattoirs, after meeting with the government to explore opportunities for collaboration. "There's huge potential," James Carouso, US Charge d'Affaires, told The Australian Financial Review after taking a delegation of US companies to Darwin last week. They included GE, engineering groups Bechtel and KBR, defence consultant Leidos and manufacturing conglomerate 3M…
Sam Maresh, GE's senior director of government affairs and policy, said new opportunities were emerging for the company – which has been working on the Ichthys liquefied natural gas project – as the NT's economy shifted towards investment in industrial services, energy and renewables and defence.
3M, which has a small presence in Darwin, wants to support industry development in the region and is considering expanding a centre that trains people how to use clothing and equipment designed for safety protection. "As industry grows to support the infrastructure development in defence, agriculture and Darwin as an export hub into Asia, we want to be there on the ground supporting that industry" said Damien Jones, general manager of 3M's electronics and energy business group.

2016-11-21 Hansard: Australia – United States Relationship

The Force Posture Agreement, which will see up to 2,500 US Marines rotate through the Northern Territory, is a key enabler of our future security in the Northern Territory. The Force Posture Agreement was signed in 2014 and came into force in 2015. Australia and the US will share the costs for more than $2 billion in infrastructure investment in northern Australia, as well as the ongoing costs of the initiative over the 25-year life of the agreement. This initiative is bringing a large amount of money into the Territory. It not only provides training for ADF personnel but stimulates the local economy.

2016-11-19 Media Release:

Northern Australia Tropical Disease Collaborative Research Program
The Coalition Government has announced almost $6 million in funding to support the Northern Australia Tropical Disease Collaborative Research Program. This program drives innovative, high quality research into the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of tropical disease, and builds strong collaborative networks and domestic capacity in tropical health. Awarded to the Menzies School of Health Research in Darwin, the program brings together a multidisciplinary collaboration of researchers to improve health outcomes in the tropical north of Australia… the program will support innovative research into the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of tropical disease. “Research that will be undertaken will work towards protecting the north from emerging infectious threats and further promote engagement with our regional neighbours.”

2016-11-18 Media Release:

Visa changes to provide economic boost to Northern Australia
Work and Holiday (subclass 462) visa holders who undertake 3 months' work in Northern Australia in tourism and hospitality or agriculture, forestry and fishing will be eligible to apply for a second Work and Holiday visa. "Tourism and agriculture are key industries for Northern Australia and they often require more workers in their peak seasons. These changes will entice more young people to experience Northern Australia and support these vital sectors."

2016-11-23 Economic Brief: Construction Work Done September Quarter 2016

September quarter 2016, in trend terms, construction work done in the NT: $1.7 billion.
Year to September 2016, total construction work done in the NT: $7 billion.
Year to September 2016, engineering construction activity: $5.6 billion.
Year to September 2016, the value of residential building work done in the NT: $585 million.
Non-residential building work increased by 7.1% to $768 million in the year to September 2016.

The above information has been compiled by Gwelo (the Agent) from third party providers. The Agent has not verified whether the above information is accurate and does not have any belief one way or the other as to its accuracy. The Agent does no more than pass on the information. The Agent does not accept any responsibility to any person for its accuracy. All interested parties should make and rely upon their own enquiries in order to determine whether or not the information is, in fact, accurate.

2016-11-15 Property Observer: SQM research - rentals

Darwin, week ending 12 Nov 2016: Houses $546.30, units $433.40.

2016-11-18 The Australian: China – LNG and South Korea - LNG

China, the world’s largest energy consumer, wants to reduce its overwhelming reliance on coal, including by increasing the proportion of its energy produced by natural gas to 10% of the mix by 2020, a rapid 66% rise from 6% in 2015. The country’s gas consumption increased last year by 3.7%... The South Korean free-trade agreement has delivered a $1 billion boost to Australian exporters, with Korean imports of Australian liquefied natural gas tripling in only 2 years… The gas export market had more than tripled… now worth $1.4bn, with the removal of a 3% tariff.

2016-11-16 NT News: Gas still crucial to the NT’s power requirements

Former resources minister Martin Ferguson said there will be demand for Northern Territory gas over the next decade. The International Energy Agency forecasts that global demand for gas will rise by as much as 47% over the next 25 years. “NT onshore gas production will not initially be aimed at international markets. It will target the NT and eastern states gas markets. And the eastern states need more gas.”

2016-11-14 Interfax Global Energy: Darwin LNG prioritises backfill over expansion

ConocoPhillips, operator of the Darwin LNG facility, is continuing to search for backfill gas that could supply the plant once its reserve base is depleted early next decade. Operational since 2006, Darwin is Australia’s 2nd-oldest export plant after the North West Shelf project and has a nameplate capacity of 3.7mtpa. In the current low oil price environment, it is also one of the few competitively priced Australian LNG suppliers and one of the few projects feasible for brownfield expansion in the coming decade, when Asia Pacific demand is likely to rebound.

2016-11-18 Media Release: $14.3M Multi User Barge Ramp opens at East Arm

The Barge Ramp will provide Defence with logistics support and a strategic interface between land and sea for up to 60 days per year, including logistic support capability for the Royal Australian Navy’s two new Landing Helicopter Dock ships and amphibious vessels... the ramp provides close to 24/7 barge access for loading and unloading troops and Defence equipment.
For the remaining 300 days of the year, the facility will be available for commercial use by private barge operators... (it) will build capacity in the local industry to compete for work in the oil and gas, resource, marine and Defence industries.

2016-11-18 Media Release: $4.1M Export Yards

This investment in the Berrimah Export Yards is for the construction of two significant shed structures which will hold 4,000 head of cattle… Cattle production is the largest primary industry sector in the Territory, contributing $360 million annually to the Territory’s economy.

2016-11-18 Economic Brief: Gross State Product 2015-16

In 2015-16, the Territory's gross state product increased by 2.7% to $23.6 billion. This was the 4th highest increase of all jurisdictions… Net exports of services increased by 66.7% and net exports of goods increased by 50.2%, resulting in an increase of 50.6% in net exports of goods and services to $3.9 billion… In 2015-16, the Territory's real GSP per capita increased by 2.3% to $96,906, the highest rate of increase of the jurisdictions (nationally: $69,421)

2016-11-17 Economic Brief: Labour Force October 2016

Territory’s trend unemployment rate: 3.5% in the month, 2nd lowest of all jurisdictions (national: 5.6%). Trend participation rate was 74.7%, the highest of all jurisdictions (national: 64.5%)

The above information has been compiled by Gwelo (the Agent) from third party providers. The Agent has not verified whether the above information is accurate and does not have any belief one way or the other as to its accuracy. The Agent does no more than pass on the information. The Agent does not accept any responsibility to any person for its accuracy. All interested parties should make and rely upon their own enquiries in order to determine whether or not the information is, in fact, accurate.

2016-11-10 NT News: INPEX pipeline now ready for gas

THE offshore and onshore pipe sections have been welded together marking a major milestone on the Inpex-led Ichthys LNG Project. Joining the 2 sections - 882km offshore and 8km onshore - means the pipeline is now ready to deliver gas from the offshore Ichthys Field to the project’s onshore facilities at Bladin Point near Darwin for processing. The 107cm diameter pipeline is the longest subsea pipeline in the Southern Hemisphere and the third longest in the world.

2016-11-04 FinFeed:
Funding allows Northern Minerals to make a start at Browns Range

Heavy rare earths developer, Northern Minerals announced that it had received the first $9 million tranche as part of a $30 million equity investment by Huatai Mining, part of Chinese coal trader Shandong Taizong Energy… allows NTU to commence pre-commitment works for the development of a pilot plant at its Browns Range project… spanning the WA and NT border. Management views the area as highly prospective for heavy rare earth element dysprosium, an essential ingredient in the production of dysprosium neodymium iron-boron magnets used in clean energy and high technology solutions.

2016-11-11 ABC Rural: NT abattoir runs first full commercial buffalo slaughter trial

The Australian Agricultural Company's (AACo) abattoir near Darwin has this week held its first full commercial trial processing buffalo, effectively switching to a bi-species plant. It is the latest milestone for the Livingstone Beef processing facility, which is now slaughtering between 480 and 500 head of cattle each day, which equates to 75-80 tonnes of meat per shift.

2016-11-09 Beef Central: Darwin shipping

Cattle shipments from Darwin are returning to larger volumes … Australia’s northern cattle trade now anticipates orders will be received for between 120,000 to 150,000 cattle between now and December 31, 2016.

2016-11-09 ABC Rural: NT mangoes attract strong demand from Asian importers

Northern Territory mangoes are in high demand from importers in Singapore and China. Australian mangoes were selling for around $45 per tray in Singapore… air-freight costs to Singapore were only slightly higher than sending mangoes by road to Sydney.

2016-11 NTEPA: Project Sea Dragon

Project Sea Dragon Pty Ltd is proposing to establish a core breeding centre and broodstock maturation centre at Point Ceylon in Bynoe Harbour, approx. 120km by road from Darwin… Project Sea Dragon is a large-scale, integrated, land-based prawn aquaculture project in northern Australia designed to produce high-quality, year-round reliable volumes for export markets for Black Tiger prawns… Potential at final stage to produce greater than 100,000tpa of Black Tiger prawns, generating export revenue of $1.6 billion pa. It is a staged development of up to 10,000ha of production ponds at Legune Station in the NT, and supporting facilities across WA and the NT.

2016-11-01 Australian Defence Magazine: The Singapore Link

F-15 and F-16 fighter squadrons are frequent visitors to RAAF Bases Darwin and Tindal.

2016-11-09 AAP: Embrace Asia

Darwin Port chief executive Terry O'Connor said Chinese billionaire Ye Cheng paid $506 million to lease Darwin Port because he knows the increasing wealth and changing dietary tastes from Asia's middle class will power demand for Australian produce. "Welcome to the maritime Silk Road. The presidents of America and China don't talk about Melbourne or Sydney, they talk about Darwin. It's a strategic position. We're Australia's Asian port. We are in Asia, whether the rest of Australia accepts it or not"… Mr O'Conner also flagged tourism as a critical growth area in the next 10 years, adding that in 2017 Landbridge's Mr Cheng wants to spend $250 million on a luxury hotel and a new cruise ship terminal in Darwin.

2016-11-10 Media Release: Eight million visitors - Australia sets new tourism record

Australia welcomed more than eight million international tourists over the last 12 months… To drive further growth from our largest tourism market, the Prime Minister and Chinese President have jointly designated 2017 as the Australia-China Year of Tourism.

2016-11-07 Hansard HoR: Tourism

Tourism provides 8.1% of the Northern Territory's employment and 4.5% of our gross state product. The GSP percentage is the highest of all states. It is only 1.7% in Western Australia and 4.3% in Tasmania… In 2014-15, visitors spent $1.85 billion in the Northern Territory. In 2014-15, again, international spending grew by 18% to $460 million and domestic spending grew by 3.4% to $1.4 billion.

The above information has been compiled by Gwelo (the Agent) from third party providers. The Agent has not verified whether the above information is accurate and does not have any belief one way or the other as to its accuracy. The Agent does no more than pass on the information. The Agent does not accept any responsibility to any person for its accuracy. All interested parties should make and rely upon their own enquiries in order to determine whether or not the information is, in fact, accurate.

2016-11-03 Property Observer:

Darwin median property per week: $470 (behind Sydney at $520)

2016-11-01 NT News: Rising house sales cause for optimism in Territory

According to the Real Estate Local Market report, released by Real Estate Institute NT… house sales for overall Darwin, taking in Darwin, the northern suburbs and Palmerston, were up 6.6% for the quarter… Median unit price $460,000.

2016-10-31 Courier Mail: CommSec - average floor area of a new detached house

Victorians: building the biggest houses in Australia at 241.1sqm, followed by Queenslanders, 237.7sqm and NSW, 227.4sqm. In WA the average was 227sqm, Northern Territory 205.3sqm, South Australia, 202.4sqm, ACT 180.8sqm and Tasmania 188.1sqm.

2016-10-30 NT News: Inpex to last for decades

Inpex chief executive officer Toshiaki Kitamura said he hoped the Ichthys project would contribute to the Territory economy for the “next two or three generations… We have around 70 projects globally but this Ichthys project is a world-class, huge, challenging project and this is key for future growth. Ichthys project will provide 70% of its energy product to Japan, so it’s a very important contribution to energy security.” Mr Kitamura said the company was keen to explore other opportunities for energy projects in the NT… Darwin’s deepwater port and newly established marine supply base made it an attractive oil and gas hub, he said… The Territory also extended the option on the lease on land surrounding the Ichthys project for 15 years, giving the company the opportunity to expand its operations in the future.

2016-10-07 Upstream: Evolution is speeding up at Darwin LNG

ConocoPhillips is well into the early engineering phase of its Caldita-Barossa development, while Inpex is immersed in peak construction of the huge offshore facilities and onshore LNG plant for its Ichthys project. Both companies have just revealed their latest ideas and aspirations for the region. ConocoPhillips has unveiled plans to deploy two large floating production, storage and offloading vessels over its Caldita-Barossa and Greater Poseidon resources. One, or possibly both, will provide backfill gas into Conoco-Phillips’ Darwin LNG plant…
Lean gas from Caldita-Barossa will be exported via a 260km, 26-inch subsea pipeline to a tie-in point on the Bayu-Undan pipeline, also operated by ConocoPhillips. The FPSO for Greater Poseidon will be almost identical, with gas to be exported to Darwin LNG onshore via a 640km, 26-inch subsea pipeline to a tie-in point on the Bayu-Undan line. Timing of first gas from both developments will be dictated by the availability of spare capacity at Darwin LNG, says Steve Ovenden, ConocoPhillips Australia’s vice president for growth, adding that capacity should become available in 2022 with the tail-off of production from the Bayu-Undan field.
For cost reasons, the US operator is prioritising backfill into Darwin, rather than the construction of a second LNG train… The operator intends to move into the front-end engineering and development phase on Caldita-Barossa in late 2017. Before that happens, the company and its joint venture partners will use the semi-submersible drilling rig Atwood Osprey to drill two appraisal wells, starting in early 2017. ConocoPhillips says it has also identified 5 other 3rd party gas discoveries in the Bonaparte and Browse basins that could be brought into Darwin LNG.
A new LNG train is currently not economic, but is very much an option in the future “and will be key to monetising further stranded gas beyond the backfill resource”, says Ovenden. ConocoPhillips has government approvals to expand Darwin’s capacity to 10Mtpa, up from the current 3.5Mtpa. The Caldita-Barossa field is located in the Bonaparte basin in water depths averaging 250 metres. The field owners are operator ConocoPhillips with 37.5%, SK Energy on 37.5% and Santos on 25%. The Greater Poseidon fields are in the Browse basin in average water depths of 500 metres. The co-owners are Conoco-Phillips with 40%, Origin Energy on 40% and PetroChina on 20%.
Meanwhile, Inpex is working intensely on its US$34 billion Ichthys LNG project, and, according to the company’s director of corporate co-ordination, Hitoshi Okawa, the project is almost 90% complete. “People talk about the Ichthys project coming to an end, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. We are in fact racing to the start… The Ichthys project is designed with expansion in mind. Once constructed, it will offer the opportunity to unlock gas resources in the Browse and Bonaparte basins, and also a means of commercialising onshore discoveries in the Northern Territory.” The Ichthys offshore gas pipeline has 5 hot-tap tie-in points that will facilitate the development of more gas, “either ours or third-party gas”, says Okawa. The LNG site at Bladin Point has sufficient land to support up to 4 additional LNG trains.

2016-11-02 Media Release: Northern Gas Pipeline on Chief Minister’s China Agenda

The Northern Gas Pipeline, which is due to be completed in 2018, will create more than 900 jobs during construction… There will also be ongoing maintenance and operations teams based in Tennant Creek. Jemena - the private sector owner and operator of the pipeline - will offer up to 100 contracts to Territory businesses, worth around $112 million.

2016-11-04 Media Release: New Business Park to be developed by Landbridge

Landbridge will develop the Landbridge Industry and Logistics Park for port and trade related logistic activities within the East Arm Logistics Precinct... Tenants are expected to be Chinese and Australian businesses focussing on trade between the Territory and Landbridge’s Chinese base in Rizhao. Logistics activities, including cold store facilities, are expected to be a significant component of the Industry and Logistics Park.

2016-10-29 Weekend Australian: Pitch Black 2016

More than 90 combat jets (and) 2,800 personnel from 10 countries took part in the exercise… The main advantage of Pitch Black over other regional air-defence exercises is the size of airspace available… immediately south of Darwin to a point 200 nautical miles (370km) further south and 150nm (278km) west to the coast; from the desert floor to an altitude of 60,000 feet. Within that area lie Bradshaw Field Training Area and Delamere… “It’s rare for us to have a training opportunity like this, especially in the Pacific” says US Air Force Lieutenant Commander Mark Heusinkveld, commander, the 14th Fighter Squadron, normally based in northern Japan.

2016-10-31 Media Release:

New Scholarship Program to Boost International Education
A first-of-its-kind Study in Australia’s Northern Territory Scholarships program will be offered providing international students with the opportunity to further their studies in the NT… A total of 36 scholarships will be offered - 4 each for China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Nepal, Philippines, Timor-Leste and Vietnam - in an equal partnership between the NT Government and training and international education providers… The program aimed to increase awareness of the Northern Territory as a quality study and research destination for international students.
“Last year, 2,160 international students from 85 countries undertook study or research with Northern Territory institutions at a sector value of $55 million – it is important to our economy.” International education is Australia’s 4th and NT’s 9th largest export industry… The scholarships are for High School ($10,000), English language ($5,000), VET ($7,500) and Higher Education - undergraduate and postgraduate ($12,000).

2016-11-02 NT News: NT mangoes heading to Korea

The first air shipment of 500 cases of mangoes from Katherine’s Manbulloo Mangoes will arrive in Seoul on Monday. Regarded as a high-end product in Asia, about 80 tonnes of Aussie mangoes will hit Korean supermarket shelves this year. About half are from the NT.

2016-11-01 Travel & Tourism News: Qantas and Tourism Australia join hands

Qantas and Tourism Australia have signed a $20 million deal to promote Australia to the world.
The 3-year agreement involves a joint investment from Qantas and Tourism Australia to attract more international visitors to Australia, with a focus on the US, Asia, the UK and Europe… In addition to the new partnership with Tourism Australia, this contribution to tourism promotion includes marketing partnerships with NSW, Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia, Tasmania and Northern Territory marketing agencies.

2016-11-01 BITRE: International Airline Activity

Through Darwin Airport Year Ended August 2016: 262,538 international passsengers.

2016-10-24 Economic Brief: The Territory’s Trading Partners Year to Sept 2016

Imports: Top 3 countries: Thailand ($877 million), Japan ($273 million) and Singapore ($268 million). The majority of Territory imports are manufactured iron and steel products, attributed to the import of modules related to the Ichthys LNG project.
Exports: top destinations: Japan ($1.8 billion, LNG exports from Darwin LNG plant), and China ($1.1 billion, predominately mineral ores incl. manganese, concentrates such as zinc and lead).

The above information has been compiled by Gwelo (the Agent) from third party providers. The Agent has not verified whether the above information is accurate and does not have any belief one way or the other as to its accuracy. The Agent does no more than pass on the information. The Agent does not accept any responsibility to any person for its accuracy. All interested parties should make and rely upon their own enquiries in order to determine whether or not the information is, in fact, accurate.

2015-11-12 Smart Property Investment: NT rental yield October 2015

Darwin city, right in the centre of the capital city, achieved 6.5 per cent rental yields for units.

2015-11-12 NT Business Review: … city still top of the rental pile

The relatively higher rental yield – compared to other state capitals – keeps properties in Darwin attractive to the interstate investors.

2015-11-18 NTG: Oil & gas Industry Development Strategy launched

2015-11-17 NTG Media: NT announces Jemena to build gas pipeline to east coast 

Northern Territory Government has selected Jemena Northern Gas Pipeline Pty Ltd to construct and operate the North East Gas Interconnector (NEGI) Pipeline to connect NT gas to eastern gas markets. The pipeline will cost $800 million to construct and will run for 622kms between Tennant Creek in the Northern Territory and Mount Isa in Queensland… Construction of the NEGI will create more than 900 jobs during construction, 600 of which will be for locals and offer up to 100 contracts for local businesses worth about $112 million… Jemena expects construction of its 14 inch pipeline to be completed by 2018…  Power and Water Corporation will supply gas to the NEGI from its contracted suppliers. The quantity of gas PWC is entitled to under its contracts far exceeds the amount needed to meet the NT’s energy needs. PWC will use a gas sales agreement with Incitec Pivot Ltd to lock in a guaranteed gas supply for approximately 10 years from the completion of the NEGI to 2028.

2015-11-18 Chemicals-technology:Incitec signs long-term gas supply deal

Incitec Pivot has awarded a contract to Power and Water Corporation (PWC) for long term gas supply to its Phosphate Hill manufacturing plant in North West Queensland… (the) plant will receive gas for around 10 years, from the time of completion of construction of the pipeline…

PWC will buy gas, which will be supplied under the deal from Blacktip field, located in the Bonaparte Gulf off the NT coast, and the Dingo field in the Amadeus Basin… managing director and CEO James Fazzino said: "This project demonstrates that people with vision in Australia can achieve outstanding results. New gas from the Northern Territory will create new jobs in northern Australia.” 

2015-11-18 NT News: OSD sees untapped potential in pipeline 

OSD last week opened its first permanent Northern Territory office… we see the NT as a place with significant upside for us. We also see the (NEGI) pipeline as a hugely positive step in terms of linking the Northern Territory, where gas is, to the eastern seaboard, where the demand is… Managing director Linton Burns said… “We see the Northern Territory as the new frontier, there is so much untapped possibility here.”

2015-11-13 Financial Review: Developing the north of this island continent 

Darwin has become a major liquefied natural gas port and the world's largest live cattle port. ConocoPhillips has been exporting gas since 2006 and the INPEX Ichthys project is about to come on stream. It is both the source of major new Chinese investment in its main port and a point for the US military pivot to Asia.

2015-11-08 Financial Review: Chinese Darwin port owner plans energy expansion

The Chinese-owned company confirmed it was looking to significantly boost its investments in Australia. Landbridge Group Australia director Mike Hughes said… this could be in the resources sector as well as real estate and tourism… they were also looking to boost economic activity in Darwin and the Northern Territory, which they hoped would boost business through the port.

2015-11-13 Media Release: East Arm Logistics Precinct expands further

The East Arm Logistics Precinct continues to expand as a major transport and logistics hub after Northline officially opened the new Darwin facility which will act as a central hub… Over the past 18 months, in excess of $74 million has been invested in new supply and logistics facilities at East Arm for Shell Prelude, Toll/INPEX, Qube/Conoco Philips and Northline.

2015-11-12 NT Business Review: 3 more cattle stations under contract in region

The NT pastoral property market has strong momentum, with 3 more reported stations contracted for sale in recent weeks.

2015-11-20 Economic Brief: Gross State Product

In 2014-15, the Territory's gross state product (GSP) increased by 10.5%, to $22.5 billion. This was the highest rate of all jurisdictions. Private investment increased by 16.1% to $13.7 billion... This investment is associated with work on major projects including the Ichthys liquefied natural gas (LNG) project. Public investment grew by 23.4% to $1.7 billion… Territory's real GSP per capita increased by 10.1% to $92,107, highest rate of increase of the jurisdictions (nationally, real GSP per capita increased by 0.8% to $68 609).

2015-11-17 Financial Review: Quiet Revolution

As the mining boom ends in Western Australia and Queensland, the Northern Territory is becoming the focal point for global investors… the future is driven by big resources projects with forecast average economic growth of 4% a year for the next few years.

2015-11-18 NT News: Key trade talks here

Minister for Asian Engagement and Trade Peter Styles will welcome representatives of Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia, The Philippines in the East ASEAN Growth Area (BIMP-EAGA)



The above information has been compiled by Gwelo (the Agent) from third party providers. The Agent has not verified whether the above information is accurate and does not have any belief one way or the other as to its accuracy. The Agent does no more than pass on the information. The Agent does not accept any responsibility to any person for its accuracy. All interested parties should make and rely upon their own enquiries in order to determine whether or not the information is, in fact, accurate.

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